Each worktop is as individual as we are. Designed for practical every day use, a wooden worktop provides natural warmth and pleasure.

We offer a range of worktops, machined to any template and design. This typically includes sink and hob cut-outs, sloping drainer grooves and various panels.

A Lowe Kitchen worktop is constructed using full-length staves (planks) of timber 80-150 mm wide thus helping to achieve that special look of bespoke joinery, and are made from a choice of  Ash, steamed Beech, Cherry, English Elm, Iroko, Maple, Mahogany, Oak, Walnut and Black Walnut.

We also create end-grained plywood worktops and can offer polished granite.

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Block Worktops

'Block' worktops are solid comb-jointed pieces 38-42mm wide, All work tops are supplied UNFINISHED, then either wrapped in plastic film or cardboard, although additional fabrication and finishing can be arranged.

Beech Worktop
40 mm Thick      3m x 650mm £230     4m x 650    £300
27 mm thick        3m x 650mm £200     4m x 650    £260

Oak Worktop  
40 mm Thick      3m x 650mm £360     4m x 650    £420
27 mm Thick       3m x 650mm £255     4m x 650    £390

Iroko Worktop     
40 mm Thick      3m x 650mm £340     4m x 650    £455
27 mm Thick       3m x 650mm £220     4m x 650    £390

Our Bespoke Hand-Made Worktops

Made from staves (planks), and crafted in our Devon workshop. Typically  80-200mm in width, we pride ourselves on our bespoke worktops, carefully choosing the very best grains and shades to suit your kitchen furniture.

To us, making a bespoke hardwood worktop is just as important as creating the cabinet itself, so that when it comes to a Bespoke Lowe freestanding kitchen the worktop properly compliments the cabinets.

Bespoke prices per metre at 650mm in depth.

We include 2 coats of finishing oil on all our Bespoke worktops.

Oak  30mm, £270 40mm ,  £350 
Steamed Beech 30mm, £220 40mm,   £275
Iroko 30mm, £245 40mm,   £290


Other woods can be used on request.


Bespoke Drainer grooves  @ £60

a set of six per drainer - made with our own unique jig, providing a distinctive bespoke look.

Belfast sink cut out @ £50

To which we apply a 'bull nose' edge

Crossband @ £70

Ideal for agas and ends, additional lipping to hide end grain.

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