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Who can resist the charm of the Shaker Kitchen  -  a style that is all about warmth, welcome and comfort, where the kitchen really is at the heart of the home?

Small or spacious, the LOWE kitchen is always friendly, cosy and functional,  following that Shaker ethic of  simplicity, utility and enduring quality.

It is probably true that the most memorable kitchens today have their inspiration firmly in the food storage, preparation and cooking areas of the great houses of Britain:  open shelves, a larder cupboard, a dresser to display crockery and a deep ceramic sink, for example. 

The value of these things have endured over recent centuries and it is this that LOWE KITCHENS seeks to extend into the years ahead: favourite, free-standing units that have distinctiveness and character, that link well together, yet which could  -  should you so wish  -  be taken on with you to your next home.

Design & Build

Design and Build - Lowe Kitchens

We finish every piece to the highest standard, combining traditional craftsmanship with a deep passion for what we do.

Experienced cabinet making and the finest finishing are what make us distinctive at LOWE KITCHENS.

What is a Shaker Kitchen?

The term 'Shaker' refers to a religious community movement that was founded in the latter half of the 18th Century (initially in England, but which then settled later in  America). Shakers became known for their distinctive style of carpentry and design  -  where simplicity and utility were key to everything that they did and made.  

Inspired by their principle of 'Hands to Work, Hearts to God', their philosophy led them to the highest levels of workmanship in the making of their furniture, with  pure and simple lines, always functional and designed to endure.

LOWE KITCHENS  aspires to reflect this philosophy within our pieces of work and the dedication and care that we put into producing them.

About Lowe Kitchens

From playing among the wood plain shavings of his Grandfather’s workshop, to his first encounter with a chisel, LOWE KITCHENS founder Lee Andrews has developed his passion for working with wood.

For four years an apprentice to Teignmouth-based traditional cabinet-maker Malcolm Adams, Lee went on to work on projects for the National Trust, restoring and replicating fitted furniture pieces. This versed him in many timeless techniques, jointing and an appreciation of aesthetic and form.

Through the Prince’s Trust, Lee won a coveted place at the Ideal Home Exhibition, 2008 in the furniture making category - where he won the ‘Young Business Award’ - the Trust then appointing him an ‘Ambassador’, to promote the values of entrepreneurship among enterprising young people, keen for inspiration.

He appeared in 2012 in the BBC’s Alan Titchmarsh Show, alongside Anna Ryder Richardson, BBC Interior Designer.

Princes Trust Young Business Ambassador 2008 - 2010